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Amanda Abou-Zaki, MA, LMHC 


I grew up in the Greater Seattle Area and I love the outdoors. I received my Masters of Arts in Psychology from Seattle University.

I work with individuals and couples using an integration of my existential, holistic and EMDR background. I often use Gottman methods when working with couples. I specialize in trauma, grief, loss and anxiety. Additionally, I am a certified Trauma Professional. Trauma is not always one major event that occurs, it is often an accumulation of minor events that occur overtime.

I focus the therapeutic experience on the premise there is no prescription for therapy. I do not believe people are defined by a single experience. Rather, I believe that every individual and their experiences are unique.

My hope for clients is to help them create healthy, fulfilling and rewarding lives. My work integrates different therapeutic styles and techniques depending on what fits best with the client(s) and/or situation. I try to emphasize strengths and encourage clients to draw from their past experiences in order to help them better understand their current choices, feelings, and relationships. However, the nature and course of the therapeutic work is determined by each client’s unique needs, goals and request .


Nikki Hughs, MS, LMHCA

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest my whole life.  My passion is spending time with family and friends, spending time in the outdoors hiking and backpacking.  During summers, I enjoy kayaking and boating.  I received my Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University.  

I work with individuals and couples by using integration of existential, holistic approach. I often use Gottman methods when working with couples.  I specialize in trauma, life transitions, grief and loss, anxiety and depression.  

I focus on the therapeutic experience. I do not believe that people are defined by one experience. Rather, I believe that every individual and their experiences are unique. 

My hope for my clients is to have a healthy fulfilling life by providing a strength based approach empowering them to make the best choices for their own lives.  The goal is to hold a space for clients enabling them to name and set goals, develop skills, build on strengths, and focus on living the life you have wanted to live. 


Jeremy Isherwood

I grew up in Spokane, WA and after college in the Midwest and Southern California I landed in the Seattle area.

I love spending time with my wife and our dog (Mila) and cat (Gertrude). I am a huge animal lover and also an avid golfer. In my free time, my wife and I love to travel to any tropical destination or to watch Gonzaga basketball, eat good food, and enjoy a great glass of wine with friends and family.

Since moving to Seattle in 2002, I have learned to cope with the rain, but when the sun comes out and summer is upon us, I take advantage of what the Pacific Northwest provides. 


Bam Bam​: Therapy Dog

​Bam Bam is our hypoallergenic fluffy friend.  He helps with emotional regulation and picking up on potential triggers. He provides affection, comfort and support.  He helps with providing relief anxiety, grief, panic, stress, etc. 


He is friendly, likes short walks, treats, belly rubs and lots of naps.


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